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a_EYE_installing....68% (2022)

A group exhibition by Dre Irene, Andrelle Jingco, Sahbā Sadeghian,

Carlan Savage-Hughes and Anne Marie Slater 

The James Black Gallery, Vancouver

a_EYE_installing…68% is a group show from artists who have never previously worked together, all posed the same question, “if Artificial Intelligence can mimic human behavior all the while learning about itself; can humans mimic Artificial Intelligence?”. This show enters the dialogue of human-machine relationship through sharing 5 artists’ imaginings of the disputed authorship of artificial intelligence. Putting into the question the merit of intelligence itself.

Works in view by Sahbā Sadeghian, Dre Irene and Carlan Savage-Hughes

Silverware (2022)
Wire, duct tape, heat-resistant tape, chain, battery-powered tea lights

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